comdirect bank AG is a member of the comdirect Group and operates in the B2C business line. comdirect is a leading direct bank and the market leader in online securities business for modern investors, offering brokerage, banking and advice. More than 2 million private customers have placed their trust in the bank.

With approximately 200 million page impressions a month, comdirect is one of Germany’s most heavily used financial websites. The site’s central information platform – the Informer – provides all users with free, comprehensive data on securities, currencies and markets.

Since it was established in 1994, comdirect has consistently expanded its business model. In the B2C business line, it has developed from an online broker to a full-service bank with a complete range of services for private customers from under one roof. The bank’s Customer Service team is available 24 hours a day.

comdirect has been listed on the stock exchange since 2000 and in the SDAX since 2005. Around 80 per cent of the shares are held by Commerzbank. The company is headquartered in Quickborn, near Hamburg.

In 2009, comdirect took over European Bank for Fund Services GmbH (ebase), thus expanding its B2B business. Financial service poviders, insurance companies, banks, asset managers and other businesses all use the multi-client solutions offered by ebase to manage their investment securities accounts as well as products related to asset accumulation, oldage provision and investment. ebase is a wholly-owned subsidiary of comdirect bank AG and is based in Aschheim. Both companies together form the comdirect group.

More than 3 million customers use the products and services in the B2C and B2B business line. A total of 1,300 people work at the comdirect group.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of comdirect bank AG statutory consists of six members.


The issue of "Compliance" is enshrined in the corporate culture of comdirect bank, because the success of comdirect bank depends largely on trust.

Company: Board of Directors

Arno Walter CEO

Arno Walter, CEO

Arno Walter, born in 1967, has been the CEO of comdirect bank AG since March 2015. In addition to Corporate Strategy & Consulting, he is responsible for Corporate Communications, Auditing and Treasury & Business Partners. Furthermore, he is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the European Bank for Financial Services GmbH (ebase) and of the Board of Trustees at the Numeracy Foundation (Stiftung Rechnen).

After completing his training as a qualified bank clerk and a degree in business administration at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Walter joined Dresdner Bank in 1990 in the area of private banking. In 2000 he then went to work at the German stock exchange and then Commerzbank in 2002, where he held executive positions in various areas. Walter was previously responsible for its private customer segment in the south-west region as the Group Executive Manager.

Company: Board of Directors

Dietmar von Blücher CFO

Dietmar von Blücher, CFO

Dietmar von Blücher, born in 1973, has been the Chief Financial Officer of comdirect bank AG since July 2016. Along with Finance, Controlling & Investor Relations, he is also responsible for Risk Management & Compliance, Information Technology and the onvista bank back-office division. Furthermore, he is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the onvista AG and a member of the Supervisory Board of the onvista media GmbH.

Following his bank training, von Blücher studied business administration. He started working at Dresdner Bank AG in 1996, where he held various positions, the latest of which was as department head of Financial Controlling. In 2009 he took on the role as department head for HGB/IFRS financial statements analysis in Group Accounting at Commerzbank AG. Prior to taking on the position at comdirect he was the Divisional Manager of Group Finance Activities for the Non-Core Assets segment and for the Hypothekenbank Frankfurt.

Company: Board of Directors

Matthias Hach CMO

Matthias Hach, CMO

Matthias Hach, born in 1965, has been the Chief Marketing Officer at comdirect bank AG since the end of January 2018. In addition to Marketing and User Interface, he is responsible for the Banking and Brokerage departments, as well as the onvista bank market division and onvista media GmbH. Furthermore, he is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of onvista media GmbH and a member of the Supervisory Board of ebase GmbH (European Bank for Financial Services).

Matthias Hach completed his training as a bank clerk at Berliner Volksbank. In 1999, he moved to Berliner Effektbank and worked as an authorised signatory for the reorganisation of a securities processing division. From 2000, he took part in establishing E*TRADE Bank AG and was promoted to Managing Director in 2003. In 2010, he joined the Board of Managing Directors at ViTrade AG as a spokesman. Most recently, Hach was the Managing Director of flatex GmbH in Germany and Austria from 2013 until 2016. He joined comdirect in 2016 and was initially Head of Brokerage.

Company: Board of Directors

Martina Palte COO

Martina Palte, COO

Martina Palte, born 1968, has been a member of the Board of Managing Directors of comdirect bank AG since 2012. In addition to Service and Personnel she is responsible for Legal, Data Protection & Organisation and Information Security & Outsourcing Management as well as Advisory Services. She is also Deputy Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of the Numeracy Foundation (Stiftung Rechnen).

After earning her qualifications as a bank clerk, she completed a traineeship in the lending department of the Corporate Clients division of Commerzbank AG. She then went on to do a degree in business economics at the Hamburg University for Economics and Politics. Following a period as a branch manager at Commerzbank, she joined comdirect in 2000. One of her key projects in Customer Services was the introduction of an improved complaint management system for optimal customer support. In 2003 she was granted commercial power of attorney and became Manager of the Credit Risk Management department. Here her responsibilities included overseeing the introduction of a risk early warning system. From 2011 to 2012 Palte was Head of Internal Audit, reporting directly to the CFO.

Company: Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of comdirect bank AG statutory consists of six members. Four of these are elected by shareholders at the Annual General Meeting and two by employees pursuant to DrittebG.

Supervisory Board

Michael Mandel (chairman of the Supervisory Board and chairman of the Presiding Committee
as well as member of the Risk and Audit Committee of the Supervisory Board)

Frank Annuscheit (member of the Presiding Committee of the Supervisory Board)
Member of the Board of Managing Directors, Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt / Main
Curriculum vitae (German version) (pdf)

Sandra Persiehl (member of the Presiding Committee of the Supervisory Board)
Chairwoman of the Staff Council of comdirect bank AG, Quickborn
Clerical employee

Georg Rönnberg (chairman of the Risk and Audit Committee of the Supervisory Board)
accountant and tax Consultant
Curriculum vitae (German version) (pdf)

Sabine Schmittroth (member of the Risk and Audit Committee of the Supervisory Board)
Divisional board member private customers at Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt / Main

Maria Xiromeriti
Clerical employee of comdirect bank AG, Quickborn

Company: ebase

ebase European Bank for Fund Services

European Bank for Fund Services GmbH (ebase)

European Bank for Fund Services GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of comdirect bank AG, is positioned as a B2B direct bank offering innovative account and custody account solutions. The expanded range of products and services creates B2B specific solutions for asset accumulation and investments. ebase is a full-service partner for financial intermediaries, insurance companies, asset managers and investment companies and represents the B2B business of the comdirect group. More than 63,000 intermediaries use ebase as a partner for their customers' investment custody accounts and accounts management.

Company: Milestones


2014 Launch of “Bessere Geldanlage” (“Better Investment”): leading range of simple securities for new investors.
2013 Title-winner three years in a row: comdirect once again named “Deutschlands Beste Bank” by “€uro” magazine. 
2012 Second consecutive title: comdirect is the overall winner of the “Deutschlands Beste Bank” test by “€uro” magazine.
2011 “€uro” magazine names comdirect “Deutschlands Beste Bank” for the second time after 2008. CFD trading begins. 

Always available: the Customer Service team is now available 24/7 – even on bank holidays.

The millionth Tagesgeld PLUS (“call money plus”) account is opened.


The Anlageberatung PLUS investment advice service is launched.
Takeover of European Bank for Fund Services GmbH (ebase).
The number of current accounts exceeds 500,000.
The Numeracy Foundation (“Stiftung Rechnen”) is established in conjunction with Börse Stuttgart stock exchange.

2008 The Baufinanzierung PLUS building finance advice service is rolled out Named “Deutschlands Beste Bank” by “€uro” magazine. 
2007 comdirect’s customer base grows to over one million.
2006 The Tagesgeld PLUS (“call money plus”) account is launched.
2003-2004 Areas of expertise related to brokerage, banking and advice are established and expanded.
2000 IPO
1996 The online banking service is launched and the Combi account is rolled out (now marketed as a fee-free current account with satisfaction guarantee).
1995 comdirect starts providing brokerage services via