November 2018 monthly figures

Quickborn, 07.12.2018

  • 1.926 million orders executed in the B2C business segment

In the B2C business segment (comdirect bank AG) 1.926 million orders were executed (October: 2.198 million). The number of customers in November stood at 2.496 million (October: 2.468 million). At the end of November, the number of custody accounts amounted to 1.369 million (October: 1.352 million). Assets under control in November amounted to €64.12bn (October: €63.56bn). Of this figure, €39.02bn is attributable to portfolio volume (October: €38.84bn) and €25.10bn to deposit volume (October: €24.72bn).

comdirect group: B2C and B2B
B2C: comdirect bank AG
B2B: discontinued activity ebase GmbH

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