May 2017 monthly figures

Quickborn, 08.06.2017

1.229 million orders executed in the B2C business line

At the end of May, the total number of customers in the comdirect group* stood at 3.147 million (April: 3.139 million). The number of custody accounts amounted to 1.896 million (April: 1.888 million) and total assets under custody totalled €81.91bn in May (April: €81.01bn).

In the B2C business line* (comdirect bank) 1.229 million orders were executed (April: 1.094 million). The number of customers in May stood at 2.108 million (April: 2.102 million). At the end of May, the number of custody accounts amounted to 1.033 million (April: 1.027 million). Assets under custody in May amounted to €50.23bn (April: €49.50bn). Of this figure, €30.62bn is attributable to portfolio volume (April: €30.19bn) and €19.61bn to deposit volume (April: €19.31bn).

In the B2B business line (ebase), the number of customers stood at 1.039 million in May (April: 1.037 million). Assets under custody in May amounted to €31.68bn (April: €31.51bn).



Change on previous month +/-
comdirect group      
Number of customers (thousand) 3,147 3,139 8
Number of custody accounts (thousand) 1,896 1,888 8
Assets under custody (billion EUR) 81.91 81.01 0.9
DAX Performance Index 12,615 12,438 177
B2C: comdirect bank AG      
Number of customers (thousand) 2,108 2,102 6
Number of custody accounts (thousand) 1,033 1,027 6
Number of executed orders (thousand) 1,229 1,094 135
Assets under custody (billion EUR) 50.23 49.50 0.73

of which: portfolio volume
(billion EUR)

30.62 30.19 0.43

of which: deposit volume
(billion EUR)

19.61 19.31 0.3
B2B: ebase GmbH      
Number of customers (thousand) 1,039 1,037 2
Assets under custody (billion EUR) 31.68 31.51 0.17

*In the monthly figures May 2017, onvista bank GmbH is not included.

comdirect group: B2C and B2B
B2C: comdirect bank AG
B2B: ebase GmbH

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