Change in the Board of Managing Directors: Chief Financial Officer Holger Hohrein is resigning from his position as of 30.6.2016

Quickborn, 29.03.2016

Quickborn. Holger Hohrein (44), Chief Financial Officer of comdirect bank AG, is resigning from his position with effect as of 30 June 2016. After over eight years at comdirect, Holger Hohrein has decided to turn his attention to new professional challenges outside of comdirect bank AG. The Supervisory Board has complied with this request and has not negotiated a new contract. His new position is as yet unknown.

Hohrein has worked for comdirect since 2008. After five years as Divisional Manager of Finance, Controlling and Risk Management, he became Chief Financial Officer in 2013. In this position, he was initially responsible for Human Resources and later for IT and Business Development & Innovation Management. “Holger Hohrein made substantial contributions to the advancement of comdirect over the past several years and had a significant influence on strategy. By bringing a variety of new ideas, such as the start-up garage, he continually provided new and innovative impulses that will continue to make comdirect strong for the future,” emphasised Martin Zielke, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of comdirect bank AG. “We therefore express our extraordinary regrets regarding the resignation of Holger Hohrein and would like to thank him for his high level of commitment and his valuable contributions. We wish him every success in his future endeavours.” His successor is currently being arranged.

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