January 2015 monthly figures

Quickborn, 06.02.2015

1,370,561 orders executed in the B2C business line

Quickborn. At the end of January, the total number of customers in the comdirect group stood at 2,899,615 (December: 2,892,003). The number of custody accounts amounted to 1,721,730 (December: 1,717,088) and total assets under custody totalled EUR 61.57bn in January (December: EUR 58.94bn).

In the B2C business line (comdirect bank) 1,370,561 orders were executed (December: 1,009,172). The number of customers in January stood at 1,917,595 (December: 1,909,105). At the end of January, the number of custody accounts amounted to 885,291 (December: 879,492). The number of current accounts rose to 1,167,919 (December: 1,158,617) and the number of Tagesgeld PLUS (“daily money PLUS”) accounts climbed to 1,560,063 (December: 1,553,309). Assets under custody in January amounted to EUR 36.20bn (December: EUR 34.75bn). Of this figure, EUR 21.67bn is attributable to portfolio volume (December: EUR 20.48bn) and EUR 14.53bn to deposit volume (December: EUR 14.27bn).

In the B2B business line (ebase), the number of customers stood at 982,020 in January (December: 982,898). Assets under custody in January amounted to EUR 25.36bn (December: EUR 24.19bn).

January 2015 December 2014 Change on previous month +/-
comdirect group
Number of customers 2,899,615 2,892,003 7,612
Number of custody accounts 1,721,730 1,717,088 4,642
Assets under custody
(in EUR billion)
61.57 58.94 2.63
B2C: comdirect bank
Number of customers 1,917,595 1,909,105 8,490
Number of custody accounts 885,291 879,492 5,799
Number of current accounts 1,167,919 1,158,617 9,302
Number of Tagesgeld PLUS accounts 1,560,063 1,553,309 6,754
Number of executed orders 1,370,561


Assets under custody
(in EUR billion)
36.20 34.75 1.45
of which: portfolio volume
(in EUR billion)
21.67 20.48 1.19
of which: deposit volume
(in EUR billion)
14.53 14.27 0.26
B2B - ebase
Number of customers 982,020 982,898 -878
Assets under custody
(in EUR billion)
25.36 24.19 1.17

comdirect Gruppe: B2C und B2B
B2C: comdirect bank AG
B2B: ebase GmbH

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