March 2009 monthly figures
Securities orders up 16 percent

Quickborn, 07.04.2009

Quickborn. comdirect bank ( executed 630,210 securities orders in March. In February, this figure stood at

Total assets under custody totalled EUR 18.61 bn in March (February: EUR 18.77 bn). Of this figure, EUR 9.03 bn is attributable to portfolio volume including funds volume (February: EUR 8.98 bn) and EUR 9.58 bn to deposit volume (February: EUR 9.79 bn).

At the end of March, comdirect bank had 1,368,215 customers (February: 1,372,182). The number of custody accounts amounted to 704,216 (February: 705,208). The number of current accounts increased to 460,824 (February: 456,291) and the number of Tagesgeld PLUS ("call money plus") accounts climbed to 852,630 (February: 850,147). The number of customers in the advisory subsidiary, comdirect private finance, rose to 48,969 in March (February: 48,358).

On the fifth working day following the month-end, the latest comdirect figures are posted on the bank's website at , under "Facts & figures".

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