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08.01.2019 - December 2018 monthly figures

  • 1.821 million orders executed in the B2C business segment

In the B2C business segment (comdirect bank AG) 1.821 million orders were executed (November: 1.926 million). The number of customers in December stood at 2.522 million (November: 2.496 million). At the end of December, the number of custody accounts amounted to 1.384 million (November: 1.369 million). Assets under control in December amounted to €62.08bn (November: €64.12bn). Of this figure, €36.64bn is attributable to portfolio volume (November: €39.02bn) and €25.44bn to deposit volume (November: €25.10bn).


Change on previous month +/-
B2C: comdirect bank AG      
Number of customers (thousand) 2,522 2,496 +26
Number of custody accounts (thousand) 1,384 1,369 +15
Number of executed orders (thousand) 1,821 1,926 -105
Assets under control (in € billion) 62.08 64.12 -2.04
of which: portfolio volume
(in € billion)
36.64 39.02 -2.38
of which: deposit volume
(in € billion)
25.44 25.10 +0.34
DAX Performance Index 10,559 11,257 -698
B2B: discontinued activity ebase GmbH*      
Number of customers (thousand) 1,074 1,071 +3
Assets under control (in € billion) 30.27 31.54 -1.27
comdirect group      
Number of customers (thousand) 3,596 3,568 +28
Number of custody accounts (thousand) 2,280 2,262 +18
Assets under control (in € billion) 92.35 95.66 -3.31

*On 10 July 2018, comdirect signed an agreement to sell its subsidiary ebase GmbH (business segment B2B). The closing of the transaction did not occur in 2018 and remains among other things subject to the approval of the banking supervisory authorities. The closing is expected for the first half of 2019. With the planned sale, comdirect focuses on its core business; as a result, the focus of the monthly figures is on the B2C business.

comdirect group: B2C and B2B
B2C: comdirect bank AG
B2B: discontinued activity ebase GmbH

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