Reasons for comdirect 

comdirect ... 

... and is here exceptionally well positioned.

More and more bank customers are using online banking as a matter of course: Around 40 million Germans complete banking transactions online. Mobile banking, in particular, has been on the rise in recent years. Smart solutions for saving, investing and trading with securities – also via mobile devices – and how comdirect present and continuously develop them, are playing an ever greater role here.

With over 3.1 million customers, comdirect is one of Germany’s leading direct banks. With total assets under management of around €76bn, more than 1.8 million custody accounts and more than 14 million security trades in 2016, comdirect is also the market leader on the German online brokerage market (as of 31.12.2016).

… and is establishing itself as a smart financial companion.

The comdirect group stands for a new conception of what a bank is. As a smart financial companion, it intends to offer much more than the usual range of bank services. Intelligent solutions that dovetail perfectly with a modern digital lifestyle give customers complete and extremely simple management of their finances, thereby saving them valuable time. To achieve this, comdirect is using its employees’ innovation potential, whilst also supporting FinTech start-ups with promising ideas.

With this positioning, the comdirect group is the partner for a growing number of customers – even for those who have been using other banking models. Positive customer experiences across the entire range of services mean high customer satisfaction and greater willingness to recommend the bank to others.

... and aspires to be the top address in digital asset management.

comdirect pursues a strategy that is geared towards growth. Assets under management are to be continuously increased, whereby comdirect is designing its services as simply and as intuitively as possible, removing barriers to access for existing and new customers. Both should contribute to the perception of comdirect as an innovation leader in the future.

There is a particular focus on digital asset management. We intend to attract various target groups for saving, investing and trading with securities by using automated investment proposals and digital asset management models. comdirect also intends to introduce a significantly greater number of investors to trading, and thereby to take the lead in the market for online securities transactions in Germany.

... thanks to an attractive business model.

The earnings of the comdirect group have increased since 2016 to a record value of €382m. In addition, a record pre-tax profit of €120.7m was achieved, which is equivalent to return on equity of 21.4%. The high earnings put comdirect in a position to invest in growth straight from current business while still ensuring a strong annual net profit. Measured against return on equity, comdirect also aims to remain one of the most profitable retail banks in Germany in 2020.

The key driver of our earnings growth is the ever more active use of our services by investors and traders. In previous years, comdirect has managed to exceed the growth on the stock markets. At 14.2 million, the number of B2C-trades in 2016 almost reached the record value of 2015, despite an especially subdued trading environment.

… every year since 2003.

comdirect shareholders have benefited considerably from the commercial success of the company again and again. comdirect has paid a dividend in every year since 2003. comdirect will propose a dividend of €0.25 per share at the annual general meeting on 11 May 2017, representing a dividend yield of 2.6%*. With the associated transfer to retained earnings of around €57m, comdirect is strengthening their equity base for further growth in terms of sustainable added value for their shareholders.

* Based on the dividend proposal and closing quotation at year-end