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28.03.2014 - comdirect publishes online annual report 2013 - designed for tablet devices for the first time

Quickborn. The comdirect group publishes its annual report for 2013 today. For the first time, the annual report has been designed for tablet devices. "Instead of a printed report and associated online version, there is now a report that has been conceived and designed as an online document from the start," explain Stefanie Wallis and Tobias Vossberg from comdirect's Investor Relations department. comdirect is thus taking account of the online and mobile trend in its capital market communications as well.

The wide-ranging opportunities offered by the medium have been consistently exploited. As a result, the new annual report is a multimedia and interactive publication. It includes moving image elements for example, including a video interview with Dr. Thorsten Reitmeyer, CEO of comdirect bank AG, as well as numerous product tutorials. There are also animated charts which allow key figures to be displayed on an individual basis. The "My annual report" function enables users to compile a personalised annual report that they can then download and print. Another innovation is the tag cloud, which shows the most frequent page impressions by displaying the corresponding key words. The search function suggests direct terms along with relevance levels to the user, making it quick and easy to find the desired information on the results pages. Key figures can be compared and historical data generated using Quick Analyser. Moreover, users can recommend individual content sections, or the whole report, to others.

The central content theme for the 2013 report is "The better financial decision". This is linked to comdirect's main objective, which is to enable customers to make better financial decisions. Four decision-making situations - better budgeting, better financing, better investments and better trading - guide the reader through the world of comdirect and its business development in 2013. The annual report is available now at

The annual report confirms the figures presented at the press conference in February.

Overview* 2012 €'000 2013 €'000 2013 vs 2012 €'000
Net interest income after provisions 146,553 137,212 -6.4 %
Net commission income 167,699 188,330 12.3 %
Other income 15,201 14,356 -5.6 %
Administrative expenses 235,911 259,866 10.2 %
Pre-tax profit 93,542 80,032 -14.4 %
After-tax profit 74,280 60,534 -18.5 %
*Figures for prior periods were adjusted due to restatements

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