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25.03.2015 - comdirect publishes 2014 online annual report: "Experience bank anew"

Quickborn. The comdirect group has today published its annual report for the 2014 financial year. What makes the new annual report so special is that it has been designed for tablet devices – the latest technological possibilities offered by mobile media are therefore being systematically used and further developed.

The new annual report supports the current brand campaign of “Bank. Re-envisioned.” Parallax scrolling, one of the latest trends in Web design, is used to illustrate the overarching idea that a customer can directly access banking services tailored to them, whenever and wherever. By swiping or scrolling, the comdirect products and services visualised come towards the customer – wherever the customer may be.

In addition, the annual report contains many other interactive elements, such as animated graphics that enable the user to access individual key figures. With the “My annual report” function, users can compile their own personal annual report, download it and print it. A tag cloud illustrates the most popular page requests by displaying corresponding key words. The search function provides the user with suggested terms (including information on their relevance), making information on the results pages quick and easy to find. With the help of the quick analyser, users can compare key figures from the past six financial years and generate time series charts. Finally, users can recommend the entire annual report or parts of the document.

“In the same way that our customers are experiencing us differently as a bank, our shareholders and investors can now experience the annual report differently too,” explain Stefanie Wallis and Tobias Vossberg from the Investor Relations department at comdirect. “The report contains the same amount of information as a traditional printed report. They way it’s presented, however, reflects the mobile trend and is technologically state of the art. The reader can access the report on the move at any time via their tablet – individually, interactively and with innovative effects.”

The annual report can now be accessed at

The report confirms the figures that were presented at the financial statements press conference in January.

Overview 2013
2014 vs 2013
Net interest income after provisions 137,212 145,524 6.1 %
Net commission income 188,330 193,150 2.6 %
Other income 14,356 14,799 3.1 %
Administrative expenses 259,866 270,852 4.2 %
Pre-tax profit 80,032 82,621 3.2 %
After-tax profit 60,534 66,290 9.5 %

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