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07.11.2003 - comdirect bank AG produces best quarterly result since it was founded and expects record annual result

In the third quarter of this year, comdirect bank AG (ISIN DE0005428007) achieved another record profit. Its result at group level of 16.8m euros before tax is the highest quarterly profit since the company was founded in 1994. In the first nine months of this year, comdirect raised its pre-tax profit to 31.9m euros (previous year: -27.6m euros).

The number of securities orders executed between January and September was 10.9% higher than a year earlier at 4.7m. In the third quarter, 1.8m trades were executed, which meant that 12.3% more orders were dealt with than in the previous quarter of this year. Since end-2002, portfolio volume has expanded by 33.0% to 6.7bn euros. In the first nine months of 2003, commission income was 18.0% stronger than in the corresponding year-ago period, reaching 71.0m euros. Deposit volume expanded by 32.3% to 2.6bn euros. Net interest income before provisions declined 5.4% to 45.8m euros.

comdirect cut its administrative expenses further in the third quarter to 24.7m euros, thereby reducing them to 81.0m euros over the nine-month period - 23.3% lower than in the corresponding period of 2002. Personnel costs were down by 14.2% on the previous quarter to 6.8 million euros. Other administrative expenses were trimmed by 16.8% to 13.7m euros. Through these measures, the cost/income ratio improved to 59.5% in the third quarter. For the first nine months of the year, therefore, this ratio was 71.4% (previous year: 96.7%).

With the result for the first nine months, the company has already achieved its goal of being able to pay a dividend. For 2003 as a whole, it expects to achieve a record annual pre-tax profit of 36-38m euros, provided that the capital market remains stable.

comdirect also announces that the supervisory board has complied with the wish of management board member Hans-Joachim Nitschke (54) to be released from his duties with effect from 6 November, 2003. The generation change initiated in mid-2002 in the bank's board of managing directors has thus been completed. In future, comdirect will be managed by its CEO, Dr. Achim Kassow (37), and his fellow board member Dr. Andre Carls (40).

Questions should be addressed to:
Daniel Fard-Yazdani, Investor Relations,
comdirect bank AG,
Pascalkehre 15, D-25451 Quickborn,
phone +49(0)4106-704-1966,
fax +49(0)4106-704-1969,

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% 9M
€ thousand
Net interest income
before provisions
15,641 14,812 48,452 45,823 -5.43
Provision for possible
loan losses
247 0 463 617 33.26
Comission income 24,208 28,085 60,177 71,013 18.01
Other income 2,322 2,430 3,018 6,484 114.84
28,351 24,689 105,571 81,001 -23.27
Pre-tax profit/loss 10,366 16,821 -27,621 31,885 -
After-tax profit/loss 6,202 10,728 -19,963 19,353 -


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