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10.04.2001 - comdirect gained 40,624 new customers

comdirect gained 40,624 new customers,
increasing the number of customers to 618,089 group-wide

Quickborn, Germany, 10 April 2001

comdirect bank AG (WKN 542 800) gained 40,624 new customers during the first quarter of 2001. The net increase in new customers more than quadrupled compared to the last quarter of 2000. As of 31 March 2001, comdirect had a total of 618,089 customers in Europe, of which 581,282 were direct brokerage customers.

A total 2.8 million orders were placed during the first quarter of 2001, of which 2.0 million were executed. The comparison with the previous year reflects both the obvious investor caution because of the current situation on the financial markets and the decline in the number of IPOs.

The weak stock market also affected total deposits and custody accounts. Due to a further decline in share prices, the value of many portfolios decreased during the first quarter. As of 31 March 2001, total deposits and custody accounts amounted to EUR 8.9 billion (31 December 2000: EUR 10.2 billion). EUR 6.7 billion of that total were held in portfolios, the volume of which declined by EUR 1.4 billion during the first quarter. The deposit volume increased by EUR 0.1 billion to EUR 2.2 billion.

The investment funds volume grew to EUR 1.0 billion, which, as of 31 March 2001, corresponds to 15 percent of the total portfolio volume. In the first quarter of the previous year, funds had held a share of only 9 percent in the overall portfolio volume.

The number of employees in the comdirect group increased to a total of 1,547 as of 31 March 2001, compared with 1,149 a year before.

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