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17.07.2000 - comdirect: 545,000 customers ...

comdirect: 545,000 customers as at 30 June 2000
Customer numbers almost doubled in first half year

comdirect bank AG (WKN 542 800), Quickborn, direct broker, has continued to build on its competitive edge in the first six months of this year. Figures for the first six months of 2000 clearly underline the market leadership of comdirect as Europe s largest online broker.

In the period from 1 January to 30 June 2000 comdirect just about doubled its number of customers, with an increase of 268,000, from 277,000 to about 545,000. As a percentage, this represents an increase of 97 percent. In the same period, the share of direct brokerage, core business of comdirect, increased at the over-proportional rate of 123 percent to 505,000 customers. In the second quarter of 2000 alone, comdirect gained over 170,000 new direct brokerage customers.

Assets under management increased as at 30 June 2000 by Euro 5,678.2 million to Euro 11,867.3 million. This represents a growth in the volume of investments and securities accounts at comdirect of 92 percent over the previous year, and this despite consolidations in share markets earlier this year. Investment funds at Euro 1,086.0 million account for a 12 percent share of the overall volume of securities accounts.

Orders also recorded high growth rates. In the first six months 8.3 million securities orders were posted (first half year 1999: 2.0 million). In all, comdirect carried out a total of 5.4 million securities orders (first half year 1999: 1.6 million).

The dynamic growth of the company, which on 31 July 2000 will make an unscheduled move upwards in the Neuer-Markt-Index NEMAX50, has also been reflected in a rise in the number of employees to 1,337 as at 30 June 2000.

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