The success of comdirect depends largely on trust - the trust that customers, shareholders, employees and the public have in comdirect.

This trust is based in particular on compliance with legal, supervisory, contractual and internal regulations, as well as the observance of customary market standards and codes of conduct in the business activities of comdirect ("Compliance").

The issue of "Compliance" is enshrined in the corporate culture of comdirect. An independent Compliance Office has been set up and is headed by the Divisional Manager of Compliance & Money Laundering Prevention who reports directly to the management.

The core responsibilities of the Compliance Office include:

  • preventing money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism
  • ensuring compliance with imposed financial and trade sanctions
  • preventing insider trading and market manipulation
  • monitoring compliance with rules of conduct and organisation and transparency obligations under securities trading legislation pursuant to Section 6 of the Securities Trading Act
  • implementing measures to prevent other criminal offences (particularly with regard to the prevention of fraud and corruption)

Tip-offs relating to financial crimes online breaches of any legal, regulatory or internal requirements are also reported to the Compliance.

Whistle Blower System 

In addition, comdirect has set up a web-based whistle blower system enabling customers, employees and other third parties to also report tip-offs regarding financial crimes online breaches of any legal, regulatory or internal requirements connected to the bank at any time.

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